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Every adult should make a will to ensure that their family and loved ones have been provided for and to ensure that no unnecessary stress or expense is placed on your family in the event of your untimely death. Making a will is not complicated, not expensive and can be completed without delay. It will ensure that your assets and property are distributed as per your wishes and not in accordance with the relevant legislation.

The price of making a Will starts at €60.00


Colm O’Cochlain is an expert in Will drafting and can help guide you through all options available to you and provide for all eventualities giving you the peace of mind that your loved ones will be looked after in the event of your passing.

Have you lost a loved one?

Colm O’Cochlain can help guide you through the administration of their estate whether or not they had made a will. We aim to make this process as easy as possible for you so as not to further complicate this already stressful and difficult time for you.

We have a broad range of expertise in dealing with contentious matters and actions taken against the estate of a deceased person by a spouse, by a child or by a partner. Incapacity – Power of Attorney and Ward of Court Application

If someone becomes incapable of dealing with their own affairs through reason of accident or illness or through any other reason, their assets and property will be frozen.

No one can deal with their property without an Enduring Power of Attorney or a Ward of Court Application. These applications are not only matters to be considered by the elderly or persons about to lose their capacity to deal with their own affairs. Consider what would happen to your family and loved ones in the event that an accident or illness left you incapable of dealing with your own affairs your loved ones had no way of handling your affairs. How would they cope?

An Enduring Power of Attorney is also called a “Living Will”. While you are in good health and capable of deciding who should look after your affairs should the need arise, you can select a person, usually a close relative, to enable to act on your behalf in relation to any business, financial or personal affairs.

Please contact us to discuss your options and what is involved to ensure that all of your wishes are taken into account in the event of your incapacity.

Where a person is no longer capable of managing their own affairs and no Enduring Power of Attorney has been executed an applications can be made to the High Court to have them made a Ward of Court.

In this case the Judge will review the Application and decide whether the Ward is incapable of managing their own affairs and if they find as such, they will then appoint a committee who will then manage the affairs of the Ward. Please contact the office to discuss any possible Application for a Ward of Court.